Unibott Deb’s Daughter Alp Series 500 ml Clear Style Water Bottle, Eastman Tritan™( SA5B8A )

Debs Daughter


The Baikal Thermal Water Bottle is a high-quality thermal water bottle that helps promote customers to be eco-friendly and to always stay hydrated during events. This water bottle guarantees that it promotes safety and high transparency, just like Deb’s Daughter. Deb’s Daughter send out messages of equality, safety, and love to her audiences through her music production. 

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  • With this Baikal Thermal Water Bottle, she is able to establish and push her identity to her audiences and connect with them on a deeper level. The thermal capability of this water bottle represents the ability to stay hydrated, warm, and energized. When listen to her music, Deb’s Daughter is refueling your body with energy, positivity, and love; just like how water provides your body hydration, energy, and health! The pioneering drop-shaped effort-saving bottle cap organically combines function and form together. Integrated design with a hand rope that is closely matched with the bottle itself, and cleverly assembled with the bottle cap, the bottle provides customers an easy way to carry their water bottle. The length of the hand rope is designed to be worn on the wrist. It is strong and convenient so as to release your hands. With the coating of 'TOUCHCOMFORT' provides customers a delicate grip, lightweight insulation cup, that can accommodate uses in mobile office, outdoor and car, and is portable at any time; breaking the conception of heavy water bottles. The insulation cup with a 43 mm wide mouth design enables customers to drink small quantity a time with high frequency, and thus makes it comfortable for enjoying a drink, also it is easy to add ice and tea bags, and convenient to clean. It is designed specifically for mobile insulation, while nowadays we are recommended to bring water cups for environmental protection, energy conservation, and treasure the earth's resources.Baikal Thermal Water Bottle is made from high quality FDA approved food Grade 18/8 double wall stainless steel. BPA free and lead-free SS makes the thermos absolutely odor free despite being used for varied beverages from time to time. 

    1. The bottle body of Baikal is perpendicular to the outer surface of a quality coating and environmental protection which in line with the EURO REACH regulation of security.
    2. Baikal applies its renown tender sensation technology, comfort on hand, easy to hold and happy to use. The bottle is an eco-friendly water bottle that can used on a daily basis, as it will help promote using plastic water bottles.
    3. Every Baikal bottle conducts 3 times 100% vacuum testing to ensure the insulation performance during the manufacturing process. The bottle has the ability to provide insulation for long durations, excellent for hot tea or cold water.
    4. Made for today's modern urban lifestyle, Baikal is made with form in mind as much as function. It's the everywhere bottle that doubles as a fashion accessory and comes in an array of designer colors inspired by the shades of macaroon. The various selection of design and colors allows customers to choose the water bottle that will suit their style and fashion.
    5. Baikal’s lid gasket has a unique design, together with the tea infuser form an effective barrier to heat loss to further enhance good insulation. Moreover, it can be disassembled for cleaning fairly easily
    1. volume: 500ml
    2. weight: 107g
    3. item dimensions: ø63.5mm x H220mm
    4. Eastman Tritan™
    5. Made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan co-polyester with superior impact resistance
    6. All parts are dishwasher safe (no need to remove the sleeve)
    7. Suitable for both warm and cold beverages (-40 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit)
    8. Wide mouth makes cleaning and adding ice cubes easy
    9. Does not retain odors or tastes which helps prevent odor causing bacteria build up. No residual taste is left behind, making it great for all day use
    10. Very light & easy to carry around, and comes with handle strap
    11. Fits most car cup holders
    12. All parts are dishwasher safe
    1. 1 x Unibott Deb’s Daughter Baikal Series 200 ml
  • Cleaning and Maintenance:

    1. Wash thoroughly upon first usage
    2. Do not remove the bottle jacket while washing
    3. Wash and clean after every use
    4. In order to attain a better washing effect,
    5. Please use the UNIBOOT Cleaning Package(Sold Separately)
    6. Dry the bottle and cap separately


    1. This product is resistant to drop, but is not recommended for deliberately applying a strong impact onto it
    2. Do not boil or heat the product
    3. Do not use wash with bleach, chlorine, or other chemicals
    4. Do not over fill the bottle with liquid, visible water line is appropriate
    5. Do not tighten the cap immediately after pouring hot liquid, so as not to cause unexpected air expansion during opening
    6. This product is not applicable for microwave
    7. This product is not applicable for dishwasher or sterilization
    8. Please tighten the cap when the bottle is filled with liquid before carrying
    9. Do not use if the bottle is broken or damaged

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