Under the influence of good music

Introducing Deb’s Daughter, a once nameless orphan from the planet of
Lovation. Whispers across the planet spoke of her vanquished mother; a goddess of unique and special powers. She was forced to give up her child and disappear in an effort to keep her safe…. Love’s ultimate sacrifice.

dD grew up under a protective ethereal presence and no harm seemed to come to her wherever she would go. The elders of the planet spoke of her mothers illustrious charms and from the earliest of infancy dD knew she too was special.

All was well in sweet dD’s life until that fateful day when evil Robots appeared on Lovation, devastating her home town and destroying all the TOYS!!!
The havoc-wreaking Robots took things too far when they unleashed their wielding fury on dD’s orphan sisters and brothers! Overcome by a surge of emotion dD was able to momentarily stop the robots with the blinding power of her love.

Hope seemed to be in sight for dD and the citizens of Lovation as they began to restore their beautiful planet. But ALAS, the evil Robots escaped before she could rid them of their wicked ways!

dD knew her only hope was to find the illustrious KRYOMAN; an incredible being, renowned across the galaxies for his mind control over all Robots. She would convince him to help her find the cunning Robots and put an end to their rampage against love, hope and happiness.

Impressed by dD’s tenacity, KRYOMAN agreed to help Deb’s Daughter. The
extraordinary duo became fast friends, united in a vow to join forces, defeat the evil Robots and begin their quest to FIGHT FOR LOVE.

Together they will find the evil Robots and with a single shot from dD’s Scepter of Love, she will replace the hate that lives inside their evil hearts with love and compassion.